Sunday, October 11, 2015

Artsy Buttons for Sale at Idyllwild Quilt Show!

I'm super excited to be taking part in the Mountain Quilter's 12th annual quilt show and sale next weekend, October 17-18!
We'll be at Buckhorn Camp again, in a huge venue that allows plenty of space to walk around and see the beautiful, award-winning quilts on display. And the vendors at this show are going to be terrific; including quilt fabrics and patterns, kits, creative embellishments, art baskets, jewelry, and MY BUTTONS!
I'm selling my handmade, hand-glazed ceramic buttons—each is one-of-a-kind—for $10 each (cash only) throughout the duration of the show. Once the show is over, I'm retiring this aspect of my art business, at least temporarily.
While I love working with ceramics and have enjoyed making creative buttons, beads and pendants to sell, right now I'm taking care of my 83-year-old mom who needs constant supervision. I'm not able to pursue my artistic activities (making new designs, teaching, writing books and articles, etc.) while I put Mom first in my life.
I do dabble a bit on the side, and you can always learn from me through my previously published books, DVDs, and now my brand-new wire jewelry class on, but new ventures will be put on the back-burner for a while. It's a small sacrifice, one I'm happy to make for my mom, who has given so much to me throughout my entire life.
So, I hope to see you at the quilt show next weekend! Idyllwild is lovely this time of year, when days are still warm and sunny but nights are crisp with a smell of autumn in the air. It's my favorite season, and a wonderful time to visit.


Debbie said...

Oh Sharilyn...I wish I could get to the show to see you after all thee years, but we're in OH now...moved here to take care of MY Mom. My heart is with you as you sacrifice to help her.
Lots of good energy is being sent your way...
Debbie Metti
a voice from your Stampington past

Sharilyn Miller said...

Hey Debbie, great to hear from you after all these years. I believe that you and I are doing the right thing, and we will be very grateful someday that we stepped in for our parents when they were in need. I will never regret this precious time with my mom! But I do sometimes miss my art career. It was fun and exciting! Maybe I can take it up again in the future.
God bless you!

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